13 June 2007

Otters Shall Have a Slide

For the last few days, four nomadic baby skunks have been roaming the land around my house, most likely because some ill fate befell their mother (car, coyote, etc.). So, yearning to help the skunks and interrupt nature's symphony, my brother caught one and I found myself reading through Kentucky's animal captivity laws this afternoon (link to laws).

It was actually a pretty rewarding experience.

Section 1. Definitions. (1) "Circus" means a traveling public entertainment show consisting of acrobats, clowns, and trained animals, but shall not include a show including wrestling bears or other direct contact between members of the public and inherently-dangerous animals.

2. Fifteen (15) per night limit on bullfrogs; and

3. Possession limit of twenty-five (25) dusky salamanders (spring lizards) of the genus Desmognathus.
You'd best have a good excuse for that 26th dusky salamander...

(m) Animals that are compatible with one (1) another may be held in the same enclosure if the required floor space is provided; and

(n) Common walls shall be constructed between animals that are not compatible so the animals cannot interact.
I dig the unnecessary numerical clarification in (m).

1. A single bobwhite quail enclosure shall be a minimum of 100 square feet.

2. There shall be an increase in one (1) square foot per additional bobwhite quail.
Man, that first bobwhite quail is lucky...

3. Otters shall have a slide and a dry place for sleeping and retreat;
If only the law mandated me a slide...

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