02 October 2007


So college applications are evil creatures. Who knew?

Between that, homework, and occasionally writing songs in my head while driving home on empty back-roads, not a whole lot has happened. . .

Well, that's a total lie.

I'm extremely ready for fall to actually start behaving like fall, at least in the plants-dying-pollen-leaving-the-air-smell-of-dust-burning- off-of-the-heater sense of the term. Instead there's a sort of bizarre pseudo-desert climate in place right now, with days reaching at least two hundred degrees and nights getting down into the fifties. This is October. Why isn't it always in the fifties? It's always seemed much more homey that way.

Maybe it's just some way of making me more comfortable with the fact that I might not be living here next year.

I have to go... I really want to write some more; I feel like I need to, if just for myself.

Iron & WinePagan Angel And A Borrowed Car

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