09 June 2009

The Dairy Fairy Strikes!

So my job description is as follows:
  1. Pick up box.
  2. Find part number.
  3. Fill box with associated part.
  4. Repeat for 8 hours.
I assure you, it sounds worse than it is. But at any rate, I was pulling a cart full of parts from another department into the stock room today and noticed this yellow square screwed to the cart. I thought to myself, "This is a strange way to store this. Must be some kind of adhesive. . ."

But then it hit me that it was a piece of cheese.

Someone, for whatever reason, was possessed to take a screwdriver and a wood screw and append this single, wrapped slice of cheese to the casement cart. I don't know what would ever drive someone to this, but suffice it to say: it made my day.

Much as I appreciated their offering, I didn't get to this cart till after lunch. I left them a note; it was the polite thing to do.

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