09 March 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Yesterday, I went to Shiloto park with some friends and played on the playground. We ran out of daylight pretty quickly, but the temperature was more than accomodating for us to stay even after the stars showed up. 

Winter gives me too much time to dwell on the past. The grey just shifts all focus to negativity. I just sit around and think about corpses, losses, and bad decisions. Why Sarah? Is dad's concern just divorce guilt? Why did I work at UPS? Winter is just an opportunity for bad questions to play Marco Polo in my head while I try to juggle an already demanding workload. Never pretty. Spring always provides this cathartic feeling though. I get to exhale all of the emotional tension and rejoice in all the new life that comes with the warmth; it's a fresh start to the next twelve months. I got that today, and I got to spend it with excellent people. 

Last night, I sat on the fire escape for a little while, hanging my bare feet off the edge while I laid back and gazed at what stars were potent enough to pierce the deep red glare of Lexington's light in the sky. It's amazing to think that any one of these little dots are likely larger than the sun, even moreso to consider that if a bridge connected us, I could drive for a thousand lifetimes without even getting close to the end. It's a pretty humbling thought and I can't help but be awe-struck by the beauty of our cosmic insignificance. 

How beautiful to think that despite this insignificance, and despite being such a mess, God would give me such a gorgeous day.    

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