28 June 2006

3... 2... 1... Ignition

For thirty minutes now, I've been trying to invent an epic first sentence that would eventually spawn an equally epic first paragraph, and then on to an epic first post. I'd love to be able to send everyone to dictionaries with big words, or convey emotions as effectively as does music, but writing is very much like life, in that there is no controlling the sequence or nature of things, it all simply just happens in accordance to a greater power.

I write this simple truth because it is one that I have only just learned. For nearly two years, I've been an infinitesimally small speck on a desert island somewhere in the blogosphere, feeling compelled to litter the internet with whatever garbage lie around on the surface of my mind. While my motivation, simply to be approved of by a jury of my peers, was the same as everyone else's, my execution was laughable.

This time around, though, I intend to do something worthwhile. Rather than complain about how the bread on my sandwich is stale, or how much I disike Person A or Person B, as I am rather guilty of, I want to use blogging as I believe it should be used: as a conveyor of ideas, a place at which to defend stances, and a means by which I can achieve some sense of community.

What now? When to start? We'll see; things just happen.

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