09 July 2006

peace. love. judgement.

I have several friends who I believe desire qualification as modern day hippies (at least in philosophy, I'm not implying the use of illicit substances by any means). They own websites that proclaim the amazing benefits of world peace and wear clothes that set them apart and often times bear some sort of tribute to the Beatles or John Lennon.

But in their natural habitat, they represent completely different ideas. Much as I love my friends (and much is an understatement) I can't support their hipocritical behavior.

"I honestly cant stand [person]"

"So we told her that she was the ugliest..."

"You actually listen to [artist]... and you like it?!"

This to me is as far from love as a person can distance themselves. If we place judgement where compassion, understanding, and a give-it-a-try mindset should be, then how much progress have we made toward making the world a better place? How can we love people and be loved if we spend our time making ourselves feel better by finding others' faults?

I simply play the role of furniture when I'm around these people, so as to avoid such comments being made in my direction. And though I realize that I shouldn't care what others think, anyone who says that hurtful comments aren't quite so hurtful to them is being rather dishonest with themself.

I love these people; they're fun to be around and I don't laugh quite as much when I'm not with them, but I can't shake the feeling that my every move is being critiqued and that as soon as I get out of earshot I'll become a topic of conversation.


  1. That was really deep--very good. Pretty sure I know how you feel/what you're talking about/what incident you're refering to as I had the exact same notions. Gret post. Rock on.


  2. And one more thing:

    Italy was USELESS in WW2.