05 April 2009

FLAR, huh?

So I've been casually running across these FLAR (Flash Augmented Reality) things for the last few years. Sometimes in YouTube videos, sometimes in the news, but I've never really messed with it myself.

Until I ran across a GE banner ad today.

I held the paper up the camera and out folded wind turbines and the golden gate bridge, followed by a sunrise through the marker image on the paper. Pretty dramatic; I was surprised at how well it worked. So then I started scratching around the internet for other similar novelties.

This one was a New Years promotion by the company that made the game "Katamari Damaci." They don't outright provide the marker, so it took a bit of Googling to make it work.

The car didn't work very well. And it was a little on the ugly side.

These fireworks were pretty cool. You wait for the picture to dim, then click to launch the rockets.

Um. . . yeah.

I saved the best for last. This one projects an interactive globe above the marker image, and a clock on the image itself. Give it a name and a zip code, and it points it out on the globe. Groovy, eh?


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