15 November 2009

Congealed Time

I kinda just lazed around all day today. My friend Chloe came over to use my wall adapter and while she was working on her paper, I set out to making a physical manifestation of our list of simple things to do before the year is over.
Now that it's all official and everything, we should probably get started.
  • Spelunking in the tunnels below the Student Center.
  • Venturing to the top of both the 5/3 bank building and Patterson office tower.
  • Dropping in on our micro-lab friends at Western Baptist in Paducah.
  • Playing Spades. Lots and lots of Spades.
  • Taking a trip to Joseph Beth.
  • Perusing the eccentric aisles of YuYu's Asian Market.
  • Eating at Bangkok House, the mysterious Thai place in the basement of Subway.
  • Swinging by Red's doughnut shop and Chong's in Paducah.
  • Ordering Take-out from Jinjin's.
  • Grabbing coffee at Common Grounds.
  • Making a stop at Atomic CafĂ© (whatever that is).
  • And enjoying a meal at Panera Bread
By no means the final copy, the picture above was my experimentation with making the list look even more intense than it already was.

So then Chloe got an email about a movie night flyer that she had to make. I already had the gimp fired up, and thirty minutes later:

I don't get much opportunity to mess with graphics work anymore. It was refreshing to get to spend some time messing with it today.

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