02 May 2007

goodnight again

It’s May again.

The only association I should make is that you’re getting ready for prom.

If your dropout plans don’t go through, right?

She does look like Shrek!

Just jokes.

I'm ahead of you… you should see things from where I stand.

By all means, take the lighter.

What if our parents hadn’t screwed up our lives? I’d sooner not known you than have things as they are.

For what it’s worth: You are right, I was very immature.

Does the number thirty-seven stay with you as it does me?

I’m sorry for making fun.

I suppose we’re proficient secret keepers.

She misses you.

So does she.

And him.

And even him.

And I think about you every day.

Three years… Time flies…

1 comment:

  1. i'm sorry.....it hurts....I care....if only we could go back in time and somehow change things
    love you