27 May 2007

Summer's Here

I've been doing a lot of thinking about how the next couple of months are going to pan out. My summer's going to be pretty limited this year, what with time-munchers such as a mission trip, a leadership conference, Governor's Scholar Program, and, potentially, work.

For the moment, however, I'm listening to music, reading books, and spending time with friends, since it appears that those activities will be the first to get cut once I set foot into the gauntlet of my summer events.

I've been fingering the flame
like tomorrow's martyr.
It gets harder to believe.
-Over the Rhine "All I Need Is Everything"

I really can't complain though. I think everything will be a blast once I get into the swing of things.

...Once I get into the swing of things...

First thing's first... Thursday, most of my church's youth leave for a mission trip in Atlanta, GA. I was almost dreading it at first, but as it's gotten closer, God's been slowly revealing to me that I can handle it. A smaller, though still superficial, note to this event is that I'm really looking forward to spending time with some of my friends from my church. It seems like I see them less and less...

Secondly is the leadership conference in Louisville. I'm not exactly sure what all this entails aside from me getting to know my fellow KY TSA officers, but I'm looking forward to it as a sort of distraction nonetheless.

Thirdly is the Governor's Scholar Program. This monster is going to ingest five weeks of summer and desert me in a small town across the state. It's not so sinister as I may be making it out to be though. I get to study "Creative Writing and Literature" which is something I'm sure I'll enjoy, and it's a sample of how college away from my hometown is going to be, which is how I believe I'll prefer college, to be honest.

Nothing against my hometown, but a change of scenery would be nice.

My only real apprehension, really, is that it will be my first taste of independence. Doing my own laundry, going to church without my family, sharing living space with people I've never met; It intimidates me a little bit.

Lastly is work. I have nothing against my place of employment or the people there, but my role as a worker there is to exact thoughtless labor. I'm not saying I'm above that, it's been my job description for the last two summers, but it makes me feel terrible. That's just my personality; if I'm going to bother doing something, it has to be something I think about or I just feel incredibly hollow the entire time and end the day miserable.

...Maybe I'm just being a baby about it...

Problem with finding a different job is that my grandfather got me this one and I'm afraid he'd take turning it down personally; and it pays well, so everyone else would also point, stare, name-call, etc.

Thankfully though, I only have a cumulative of three weeks this entire summer during which I can work (supposing I don't figure something out).

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